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Molecular Microbiology

Author: White | Thomas J.

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White, Thomas J.


ASM Press

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Diagnostic principles. Culture confirmation and direct-detection probes. Applications of fluoresence in situ hybridization in diagnostic microbiology. DNA probes. For culture confirmation and direct detection of bacterial infections: a review of technology. Use of commercial amplification tests in the clinical microbiology laboratory: test selection and quality assurance. Gerri s. hall, mark katanik, marion tuohy, and mary sholtis. Nucleic acid amplification methods. Evolution of in vitro amplification methods: the juice has been worth the squeeze. In vitro nucleic acid amplification techniques. Real-time pcr. Nucleic acid amplification methods: laboratory design and operations. Quantitative molecular methods: result standardization, interpretation, and laboratory Quality Control. Diagnostic sequencing and mutation detection. Mutation screening strategies: an overview. Mutation scanning. Mutation detection: pcr-based. Approaches. Automated DNA sequencing. Molecular phylogenetic analysis. Molecular typing methods. Bacterial strain typing through the decades: a personal reflection. Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis. PCR amplification-based microbial typing. Genotyping bacteria by using variable-.number tandem repeats. Multilocus sequence typing: strain characterization, population biology, and patterns of evolutionary descent. Automated ribotyping. Molecular subtyping for epidemiology: issues in comparability of patterns and interpretation of data. Detection methodology. Detection of amplification products. Gel electrophoresis, southern hybridization, and restriction fragment length. Microwell plate detection systems for amplicon detection and characterization. Detection of pathogenic organisms with multicolor molecular beacons. The fluorescence resonance energy transfer system. Elucidation of diagnostic and vaccine candidates by mass spectrometry and proteomics. Diagnostic applications.detection and characterization of bacterial pathogens. Detection and characterization of bacterial pathogens by nucleic acid amplification: state-of-the-art review. PCR detection of haemophilus ducreyi, treponema pallidum, and mycoplasma genitalium . 16s ribosomal dna sequence analysis for identification of bacteria in a clinical microbiology laboratory. Broad-range pcr for detection and identification of bacteria. Detection of antimicrobial resistance genes and mutations associated with antimicrobial resistance in microorganisms. Application of genomic information to diagnosis, management, and control of bacterial infections: the staphylococcus aureus. Detection of agents associated with bioterrorism. Detection and characterization of viruses. DNA virus detection. RNA virus detection. Viral load testing. Viral genotyping. Phenotypic testing of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 drug susceptibility. Emerging viral pathogens robyn S. klein and joseph el khoury. Molecular virology: Current and future trends. Detection and characterization of fungal pathogens. Molecular detection and characterization of fungal pathogens. Sequence-based fungal identification and classification. Molecular detection of antifungal resistance. Detection and characterization of parasitic pathogens. Overview of the development, utility, and future of molecular diagnostics for parasitic disease. Molecular approaches for detection, species identification, and genotyping of cryptosporidium. Molecular approaches for diagnosis of malaria and characterization of genetic markers of drug resistance. Applications of array technologies. Hybridization array technology. Host genetics and pharmacogenomics. Beyond bugs: the human genome, genetic polymorphism, and disease management. Genetic polymorphisms of cytochrome p-450s and drug transporters and infectious disease management. Host susceptibility to microbial infection and cancer. Genomics and DNA variation: Determinants of susceptibility and outcomes in microbial diseases. Laboratory standardization, roficiency-testing programs, quality-control standards, and monitoring. External quality assessment and proficiency testing in diagnostic molecular microbiology. Laboratory controls and standards.


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