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Providing Safe Drinking Water in Small Systems

Author: Cotruvo | Joseph

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Cotruvo, Joseph


CRC Press

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The continued lack of access to adequate amounts of safe drinking water is one of the primary causes of infant morbidity and mortality worldwide and a serious situation which governments, international agencies and private organizations are striving to alleviate. Barriers to providing safe drinking water for rural areas and small communities that must be overcome include the financing and stability of small systems, their operation, and appropriate, cost-effective technologies to treat and deliver water to consumers.While we know how to technically produce safe drinking water, we are not always able to achieve sustainable safe water supplies for small systems in developed and developing countries. Everyone wants to move rapidly to reach the goal of universal safe drinking water, because safe water is the most fundamental essential element for personal and social health and welfare. Without safe water and a safe environment, sustained personal economic and cultural development is impossible. Often small rural systems are the last in the opportunity line.Safe Drinking Water in Small Systems describes feasible technologies, operating procedures, management, and financing opportunities to alleviate problems faced by small water systems in both developed and developing countries. In addition to widely used traditional technologies this reference presents emerging technologies and non-traditional approaches to water treatment, management, sources of energy, and the delivery of safe water.


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