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The Chemistry and Physics of Coatings

Author: Marrion | Alastair

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Marrion, Alastair


Royal Society of Chemistry

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The Chemistry and Physics of Coatings provides an introduction to the science underpinning the paint (organic coatings) industry to graduate level chemists who may have no previous knowledge of polymer-based technologies. This book stresses important physical phenomena such as rheology, film formation, and mechanical properties, their exploitation in paint, and the economic and legislative background against which coatings technology is tested. Attention is given to the chemistry of the polymers, pigments, and solvents that compose typical coatings, and the complex ‘science and art’ of formulating them effectively. The book also aims to give insights into the commercial application of the chemistries described, and includes a glossary of industry and polymer-related terms. Revised and updated, this second edition has been expanded to include separate chapters on binders for high solids and solvent-free coatings, inorganic and hybrid coatings and coatings formulation. There is also a new section on coatings additives. The Chemistry and Physics of Coatings will be of particular interest to graduates of materials and polymer sciences and related areas. It will also appeal to undergraduates, lecturers and those in the paint industry. Extracts from reviews of 1st Edition “… readable and surprisingly comprehensive … In short this is an excellent book, which I recommend without hesitation.” Journal of Materials Chemistry “..an informative and thoroughly recommended volume.” Polymer International


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